Google Retires Web Light Web Page Transcoding

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Google revealed they are retiring the 7 years of age Web Light service that optimized webpages for gadgets on sluggish mobile devices and mobile connections.

The main Google designer page documents for Web Light Google and the associated user agent (googleweblight) are both retired.

Google Web Light

Presented in 2015, the function of the Web Light service was to make more of the web accessible to users in nations with sluggish mobile connections and gadgets.

The service worked by optimizing web pages so that downloading them used 80% less data, leading to a four-fold boost in speed over the slower 2G mobile networks.

According to Google the service in a 50% increase in traffic to websites.

Web Light formerly worked on Chrome and Android browsers and only when Google identified a slow connection. The functionality did not trigger for desktop devices or tablets, only for mobile devices on sluggish connections.

Google Analytics still worked in the Web Light enhanced pages.

In terms of advertisement serving, Web Light enhanced pages supported Sovrn, Zedo, AdSense, and Google Publisher Tags.

So in theory Web Light should not have actually impacted ad profits however rather increased them because transcoded websites got up to 50% more traffic at the time.

The service was first presented in Indonesia and then to India.

The now deleted documents explained the performance of Web Light:

“Google reveals quicker, lighter pages to people browsing on slow mobile customers.

To do this, we transcode (convert) websites on the fly into a variation enhanced for sluggish clients, so that these pages load much faster while saving data.

This innovation is called Web Light.

Web Light pages maintain a bulk of the appropriate material and supply a link for users to view the original page. “

Web Light No Longer Needed

Seven years later, the schedule of economical but effective mobile devices and an improvement in mobile connection speeds made the need of the service no longer required.

According to Statista, 99% of mobile information use in India during 2021 took place over 4G gadgets.

In 2015 there were just 47 million devices that were 4G capable compared to 650 million in 2021.

The Google designer documentation for Web Light was gotten rid of and a note was added to Google’s User Representative paperwork to interact that the Web Light user agent is retired.

Google’s announcement stated:

“Gotten Rid Of the Web Light documents and retired the Web Light user agent.

We introduced Web Light to enable us to serve faster, lighter pages to people browsing on entry-level devices.

While this feature has worked as desired and allowed more comprehensive access to the richness of the web, increased affordability of more powerful mobile phones has actually lessened the need for such performance.

We stay committed to developing and improving the Search experience to meet the changing needs of our users.”

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